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Hey guys I thought I would update my journal cause I'm pretty bored.

  • Prom

It was AMAZING! I had so much fun with Jay. That morning I was at the beauty shop for 4 hours but he was by my side the whole time which was great. Then we came back to my house & got ready, then went back to his house and took pictures. Then it was the grand march which was great too... Jay looked so good.

Then we went to prom up at the Norton Hotel and danced alot and ate and just talked. It was great having him by my side. He even sang to me which was so sweet! We didn't go to the after prom party because I was tired but I'm glad we didn't cause Saturday was great, we spent the whole day together at the mall.

  • School

Ah gosh I hate it so bad. This damn year NEEDS to end. Shew..lol But hey I ranked #11 in the school with the most AR points.. 91 baby! haha, greatness.

  • Friends

We've all gotten alot closer even though we don't hang out as much which sucks because of School & Softball. But me and Becca went out to eat last night at Mosby's which was great =)

  • Boys

James Brandon Head 121204. Things are going amazing. I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend. I love him with everything I have & the great thing about it is I know he loves me too. We spent all last weekend together and this Saturday&Sunday I get to spend all day with him again. Yay =)

  • Random

I want a fucking weiney dog. If you know anyone who is selling one, call 12765650100!! I WILL PAY ANYTHING! haha

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