S t e p h a n i e (steph_14) wrote,
S t e p h a n i e

Hey Kids..
Guess what? I almost died. No seriously, I about did. I wrecked my fourwheeler.
I hit a pole and flipped it 3 times. I'm one lucky shit. haha
Wanna hear the whole story?

Friday Me, Taylor, and Jay went riding and we all took our own fourwheeler.
Well we went to the Landfill and just rode around up there and sat on the "Ramey Rock".. haha
Well we decided to head back so we took the road and when we was coming out of the landfill, Jay took off flying down the road so Taylor was behind me and I was trying to keep up with him and I was coming around the sharp curve and I could already tell I was gonna hit the pole and I slammed on my brakes which caused me to slide and I threw my self off of the fourwheeler and rolled across the road and landed in the ditch. Taylor stop and checked on me and he said the fourwheeler flipped 3 times and slid down the road before stopping. I got up out of the ditch and Taylor checked to see if I was ok and went to see the fourwheeler. I walked to the other side of the road and just fell and sat there, I felt like I had fell out of a 20 story building.haha.
Finally I guess Jay realized that I wasn't behind him anymore and turned around and came back. Then he took me back to his house and Taylor rode mine to Jays.
My hands are cut up pretty bad and my knees & elbow is pretty fucked up too.
But all I can say is thank god for Taylor!
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