S t e p h a n i e (steph_14) wrote,
S t e p h a n i e

Last Entry for a while.

Its true, if you've heard.
Yes I live with my mom & I love it down here.
I know some people may not like that and shit because my mom can't offer me everything like my mamaw and papaw can, but I don't care about any of that.
Maybe my mom don't have alot of money but she's been here for me way more than my mamaw and papaw has. All they do is give me money and tell me to go buy stuff when im sad, or they just ignore me. They never talked to me like she does.

Well and if some people can't accept that, i guess thats ok or you aren't my true friends anyways.

And all this shit with Jay, I love him and I'm NOT going to give him up.
No he wasn't the reason I came down here but he did have a little bit to do with it. I was lucky enough to find him and find love early. I feel really blessed to have him by my side.

But I needed to straighten that up, but I guess in the end, we will find out who will stay by my side or who will leave me because of a change in residence..
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I don't know if that was about me or not, but I know I have said stuff to you about this. It's completely your decision. I'm glad you happy & I wouldn't want it any other way! I know the reason I've talked to you about this alot is because I don't want you givin' up sports & it just kinda seemed to me like you were going to! Where you live is NOT gonna change the way I think about you because you're my best friend and you have always been here for me! But, I'm gonna go! I'll talk to you later!

No this had nothing to do with you! It was more just saying that if some people decide not to be my friend afterwards it was kinda stupid and some peoples parents now are on my back about this which isn't their business anyways. Ah oh well I jsut wanted to clear that up though!
I love you too!
Stephanie <33*
don't worry what people think. as long as your happy, it shouldn't matter!* and if people can't accept that your happy, then they were never your friend in the first place!!!

I'm glad you are happy!

but i just wanted to help yah out and leave u one!

I love you!


12 years ago

I love you too!
hey steph.... i know how u feel... except for grandparents part.... cuz.. a few months ago my parents split up and well it didnt bother me cuz.... i didnt like my dad at all... i could care less about what happened to him.. and well i think he knew that... and he could care less about whta happened to me... and well that kinda bothered me... and im so happy livin w/ my mom.. and i dont want to lose her.. cuz her and john david are the only things i really have right now..... and i wish ya the best of luck with every thing... i love you.....
hey steph thought id eave you one!!!!
im glad ur happy! and remeber call me anytime and we can go do somthing!!! i hope y0ur weiner gets better!!! hahaha ill see you around.. I LOVE YOU STEPHO!!!!!!!!!!



12 years ago


12 years ago

Thanks Chas, I'm glad you know how I feel =)
Hey Steph!!
This is Bre and Erica!!
We just wanted to tell you that we will still be your friends no matter what!!
We love you and we are so glad that you are happy!

-e and b*
Hey-- I was on Syd's journal and I got bored, so I just clicked on one of her friends randomly and it was you. I might have no business reading your journal, but I just had to say this: Your mom is sooo cool and if people are going to get on your back for living with her---screw them.



12 years ago

Thanks guys! I love you all!


12 years ago

That's okay, you were just sticking up for Syd, I don't blame you at all, cause if I was you I'd do the same thing.

Do you mind if I add you to my friends list?

stookie stook

im glad you're happy! dont listen to anyone else it your decision only. u & jay are gonna make it unlike me & hkgkjhnr. but its whatever make you happy not whatever makes anyone else happy. dont think about what everyone else wants, think about what you want cause that is all that metters. and dont listen to what everyone else thinks. people are gonna run their mouth and im sure your pretty used to it. you deserve nothing but the best & you know that. so just do whatever you wanna do johon. i swear u should be an author person cause u write good. but im gonna go stook.. I LLLLOOOOVVVVVVVVVEEE YOU SO VVEEERRRRRRRY MUCH!

wow i basically said the same thing over & over.. sorry.. tally ho
hey hun.
add my new journal.
username- ridder_princess