S t e p h a n i e (steph_14) wrote,
S t e p h a n i e

Thirteen random things you like...
1)Nine Inch Nails
2)Honest people

Twelve movies...
2)Oceans 12
3)Without a paddle
4)Nine Inch Nails live
5)Swept Away
6)Princess Bride
7)Big Fish
8)The Notebook
9)Harry Potter
11)Rose Red
12)Like Mike

Ten things about y0u...
01) Some what short
02) brownish blonde hair
03) Addicted to Nine Inch Nails
04) I'm dating Jay Head
05) Shy
06) I love to fourwheel
07) I stay on the computer all the time
09) I'm a nerd and proud
10) Um..Dumb blonde!

Nine good friends... [.nOt In anY ordEr.]
1)Sarandon Blankenbeckler
2)Brooklyn Cline
3)Becca Estridge
4)Kday Turner
5)Brad Hall
6)Jay Head :)
7)Brittany Craft
8)Breanna Chandler
9)Tiffany Gibson

Eight favorite foods/drinks...
01) Dr. Pepper
02) Mountain dew
03) Salads
04) Any Italian food
05) Tea
06) Mexican Food
07) Apple Juice
08) Corn dogs

Seven things you wear daily...
01) Shoes
02) Shirt
03) Socks
04) Pants/Shorts
05) Undies!
06) Hairbo count?
07) ....

Six things that annoy you...
01) People who think they better than everyone
02) Stinky People
03) Liars
04) Jennifer Lopez
05) Avril Lavine
06) Borin people,yawn

Five things you touch everyday
01) Computer
02) The door
03) Remote
04) Food
05) Mouse

Four Shows that you watch
01) Anything on VH1
02) Anything on MTV
03) Fairly Odd Parents
04) Family Guy

Three celebrities you have a crush on...
01) Gerard Way
02) Johnny Depp
03) Orlando Bloom

Two people on LJ you have kissed
01) Jay
02) ^^
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